Admin Log – March 15th

From the beginning…

Well, I should probably start off by being honest.  I am not starting at the beginning…

I have been looking at Internet Marketing for years now and have just decided to get serious and put an end to all the nonsense. To actually build something from the ground up without taking any shortcuts or counting on any “Magic Bullets” (which by the way, don’t exist).

The Head Start:  I have already started on my first project. I did some research of the Warrior Forum, looking for the main questions people are looking to have answered.

Same Old Story:  It turns out, that it the same old ones… “If you had to start all over again, how would you do it?” and “Where do I start?” Mainly, people looking for ways to get started making money online.

There are many ways to make money online, but I am going to concentrate on building a business, not just making money. That means concentrating on building the #1 asset a marketer can have – A List of Customers.

So, the first project will be about setting up an online business, growing an email list and making money through affiliate marketing.

Now, off to work:  I have gathered the questions that people are hungry to have answered and am now researching the answers and putting together the outline of the product to come…

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