Creating Your Own Info Products – The Way To Go

Creating Your Own Info Products – The Way To Go

Your own information products offer you far more than just your own unique streams of income. They bring with them a certain element of prestige. Not to mention long term branding benefits.

If you’re reading this as “just another affiliate marketer” then take note, because there’s no reason why you can’t join the elite group of info product owners who are building their business brand and pocketing a nice wad of cash while they are at it. All with their own unique information product.

You can arguably, create a good income as an affiliate. With a basic blog that pitches other people’s products continually. Thing is, you’re then quickly branded by the very people you’re trying to sell to as a bit of a joke. A part timer. As someone who is nothing but a bit of a salesman. Who hasn’t really got anything new to say – or worthwhile to offer.

However, if you’re looking to create true brand recognition – if you want to be trusted, respected – dare I say even admired, then there’s nothing like having your own thing. Your own project. Your own information product. What’s more, it may not be nearly as hard as you might think.

If you’re a expert at writing, then you could arguably create a brief report style eBook within two days. Sales page and all.  If not, it might take a bit longer.  Many beginners can knock out a top quality book and sales letter in just a couple weeks.

Of course, if the content is uniquely yours you can even consider publishing it on the Amazon Kindle platform. Once you have your book formatted it’s a fairly simple process to get it published, and you then open up a whole new base of potential readers. In fact, according to PC World, over 3 million Kindle readers have been sold to date.

Go Multimedia

Remember, content is content. It may be wielded into any type of info product – and if you really want to maximize your potential income, consider expanding into audio and video products. This is especially apt for learning based materials, where a visual element can seriously enhance the learning experience. Try installing a complicated script by reading a PDF book. And then try it via a step by step video. The latter will be much easier to digest and apply.

Once more, a suite of low cost and free software is available to create and edit video based material. Depending on your needs, you may require a webcam, a screen recording software and a video editor.

If you believe creating information products might be a tad too time intensive, then you can always outsource the tasks out. If you outsource intelligently, you could create a uniquely written text based information product for a few hundred dollars, perhaps even less.

So, how can you use your information product once you have created it? The choices are enticingly vast. Beyond the obvious choice of selling it, you can use it as a free lead generator or even resell the private label rights or master resell rights to the content.

There’s an explosive rights market in just about every niche you could think of. You can even whip up unique eBook style reports to help you sell your main affiliate products. In fact, the top affiliates do this all the time.

There’s nothing wrong with being an affiliate. Or in using the affiliate marketing model as your main staple. Just know, that your own information products could help you expand your affiliate profits quite explosively. As well as do your brand name the world of good.

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