Trust Yourself! Be The BOSS!

Trust Yourself Be A BossYay! I’m the BOSS!!!

Want to know what one of the difficult things of being the boss is…

You can’t go ask your boss what to do when you get stuck on something 🙁

Recently, I have bought software to create websites, find free/attribution-free photos for for my blog and lastly, keyword software to find the low cost words to bid on for cheap clicks to my site and offers.

I still have not been able to rig up an authority blog with the theme software I bought – even after watching videos on how to do it for hours-on-end.  Talk about frustrating.  The guy on the video just clicks a few buttons and Whamo!  He gets what he needs.  I click the same buttons, and I get, “This just doesn’t look right”.

And, I’m really good at figuring stuff out, too…

Hence, we switched directions and made this blog with a different theme.  One that is very simple and clean – Easy to work with.  If anyone is interested, it’s called Simple Skeleton by Simple Themes.  There’s a link to them at the bottom of the page.

** Tip:  If your ever interested to know which theme a site uses, you can go to: and enter in a URL.  It will tell you which one it is and a little bit about it.

Moving on…

The Keyword software was a bit easier to get working.  It took a ticket to their support desk where they told me a different way to set up the account to where they scrape the keywords.  Problem solved – only wasted three hours.

Finally, the photo plugin for my blog.  It worked at first, then stopped working. Looking up the knowledge base on the plugin creator’s support page, it suggests my web host is probably blocking a file and I need to contact them to have a restriction removed.  I have submitted the ticket to my host and am waiting a response.

It’s hard enough trying to figure out new software, but to have issues with it to get it working in the first place.  God, Grant Me the Serenity…

This is where the Faith kicks in.  Luckily for me, I have been in this situation many times before.  My experience has always been:  It will work out – It always does!!!

It’s amazing how things usually work out for the best.  I might not get the answer that I’m looking for right now, but that usually means something better is coming down the road.  I just need to have patience until it arrives :)

I just need to keep feeding my dream a steady diet of dedication and hard work – Moving in the direction I feel I need to go, with an attitude of gratitude and let things unfold as they will.  In other words, enjoy the journey…

Yay! I’m Exhilarated to be the BOSS!!!

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